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Business Loans

Most businesses need to borrow at some time or another, whether it’s to expand, upgrade, or simply to deal with fluctuating cash flow. Whatever your reasons, we’ve got a range of lending solutions to help your business succeed.

What types of business loans are available?

  • Business Term Loans
  • Business Overdrafts
  • Commercial Lending Solution

Business Term Loans

A business term loan is the go-to business loan for small businesses with sound financial backing. With a business term loan, you can expand your business and generate increased working capital.

Our business term loans give you a choice of fixed or variable interest rates and flexible repayment options over a set period of time. Our business term loans can also be secured or unsecured with principal and interest or interest only repayments.

You can use your business term loan to suit your business's unique funding requirements.

Do you need to hire more staff? Purchase expensive equipment? A business term loan can be the turning point of your business, helping with cash flow and contributing to your businesses’ overall growth.

Take your small business to the next level today with a CIRCLE Alliance Bank Business Term Loan. 

Benefits of a Business Term Loan:

  • Own your asset
  • Avoid using your own capital
  • Grow your business

A business term loan gives you certainty, Choose the amount, term and repayment options to suit you.

Business Overdraft

A business overdraft is an alternative business lending pathway your business can access whenever the need arises. Whereas a business term loan is granted for a specific amount and time period, a business overdraft differs as the finance is available whenever funds are needed by your business.

An overdraft account helps you to manage short-term cash flow needs, helping to keep your business running smoothly and staying afloat. Perhaps you want to buy new stock or increase cash flow - this is where a business overdraft comes in. With a business overdraft you don't have to invest in a lump sum payment as is required with a business loan.

A business overdraft provides you with the flexibility to withdraw small or large amounts depending upon the financial demands that arise. If an unexpected expense arises, you can finance this through your overdraft account.

A business overdraft gives you peace of mind, providing access to money when your business needs it most.

Business overdraft benefits:

  • Only pay interest on the money you borrow
  • Security and peace of mind
  • Access funds 24/7 through online banking and ATMs
  • Flexible repayment options
  • Helps you manage your cash flow

How does a Business Overdraft work?

Similar to a credit card, a business overdraft account has a limit.

Circle Alliance Bank offers both secured and unsecured business overdrafts. With a secured business overdraft, your business pays a lower interest rate based on the secure assets you provide. On the other hand, an unsecured overdraft comes with a higher interest rate, however you won't have to offer up any of your businesses’ assets. 

Commercial lending solution

If your business requires a larger loan, your best business loan option is a commercial loan. A commercial loan is a large long-term loan that can support large business costs, or help small to medium sized business grow and expand.

Are you looking to purchase an office space for your employer or do you need to finance a warehouse or factory for your products and services? You can finance large expenses like those mentioned above with a commercial loan.

With a commercial loan you can finance property, purchase expensive assets and resolve outstanding debts. A commercial loan could be the turning point of your business's growth and expansion.

Benefits of a commercial loan:

  • Improve cash flow
  • Finance property and franchise investments
  • Purchase expensive new equipment
  • Fixed and variable interest rates
  • Flexible repayment options 

Expand your business with a business loan from Circle Alliance Bank

Circle Alliance Bank’s Business Loans are the financial safety net that can help your business expand and succeed.

A business loan can give you peace of mind, improve cash flow, and help you achieve your unique business goals. You may be looking to expand your business, hire new staff, purchase commercial property or acquire expensive equipment. Or, perhaps your business requires access to extra funds when unexpected costs arise, whatever your unique business needs are, Circle Alliance Bank has a business loan for you.

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