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Do Good Banking Launch

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CIRCLE is excited to announce the launch of its Do Good Product Suite.

We want to do more for your community using our business as a force for good. CIRCLE is unique as a social enterprise and a huge percentage of what we do is redistributed back into social shared outcomes. We have realigned our products to better help us fulfil philosophy.


How do we do it?

  1. We provide Do Good Banking Products
  2. For every Do Good Product we provide, a contribution is made into the Do Good Community Fund
  3. This fund is then distributed to charity partners to fight for social change

This means every bit of banking we do makes a difference where we live. We don’t just give a small percentage of profits to look good.  We do this to genuinely do good.


Recently the Do Good Fund contributed to

  • Anonymous X
  • Australian Cancer Council
  • Kidney Health
  • Heart Foundation
  • White Ribbon


Over January we are spreading the word about our Do Good products so we can do more. As members you are already making a difference in your community just by choosing us and we appreciate you. If you know someone you think we can help please refer us. We would love to make sure your friends and family are financially better off.


Do Good Products

  • Saving and Transaction Account
    • High interest saver
    • Christmas club account
    • Seniors account
    • Youth account
    • Concession account
  • Business Accounts
  • Home loans
  • Personal Loans
    • Car
    • Secured
    • Unsecured
  • Credit Cards


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