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Multi-currency Cash Passport Prepaid Mastercard®


cash-passportThe Multi-Currency Cash Passport Prepaid Mastercard is the secure and convenient way to carry up to 7 currencies every time you travel. 

Do you wish there was a convenient and secure way to carry cash in every currency you need when travelling? 


Now there is with Multi-Currency Cash Passport Prepaid Mastercard®. 


Multi- Currency Cash Passport allows you to load multiple currencies onto one easy to use Card and it intelligently selects the currency for your transaction depending on the country you are in. With Multi-Currency Cash Passport, you can conveniently obtain cash to pay for taxi and metro fares, gratuities, museum entrance fees, telephone calls, souvenirs, snacks, and many other cash expenses. Your dedicated travel funds can be quickly accessed from over 1.9 million MasterCard ATMs worldwide.


Whats more, your funds are Chip & PIN protected for enhanced security and worldwide acceptance. And because Cash Passport is a pre-paid card- not associated with any of your CIRCLE accounts- you can use it again and again or simply cash the card out after your trip^.


Why Use Cash Passport?


  • Worldwide 24-hour cash access - You can access your dedicated travel funds in local currency at over 1.9 million MasterCard ATMs worldwide.
  • Multiple Currencies - Load multiple currencies onto one easy to use Card**.
  • Security - Your Multi-Currency Cash Passport is Chip & PIN protected for enhanced security and worldwide acceptance and its value is stored on the MasterCard host system, not on the card. So, if you lose your card, you don't lose your money.
  • Second Card - A free second card is provided as back-up in case the primary card is lost or stolen.
  • Variable purchase amounts - Multi-Currency Cash Passport Cards can be purchased in any amount - up to a maximum of AU$100,000. There are no fixed denominations.
  • Reloadable - If you run short of funds when travelling, Multi-Currency Cash Passport can be topped up by BPAY®.
  • Lock in your rate*** - When you purchase your Multi-Currency Cash Passport, you lock in the relevant exchange rate of the day for the funds you load.
  • Convenience - Because Multi-Currency Cash Passport is pre-paid, there is no need for cardholders to be ages over 18 or have a credit rating.
  • Website - The Multi-Currency Cash Passport website provides information on ATM locations, transaction history and allows you to view youraccount and manage your currency balances online via "My Account".
  • Choice of Currencies - Add up to seven currencies on the same card - AU$, EU€, GB£, NZ$, US$, SG$, HK$.


So the next time you're travelling overseas, be prepared for anything with a Multi-Currency Cash Passport. With a free second card as backup, Global Emergency assistance and access to MasterCard's global network- your Multi-Currency Cash Passport really is the smart way to take your money overseas.




Before acquiring this product, ensure you have reviewed the product disclosure statement and other associated terms and conditions to confirm it's suitability, and you understand the full range of fees and charges that apply to this product.


View multi currency cash passport terms and conditions.

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