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Budgeting does not need to be difficult. You do not need to manage complex spreadsheets or spend a lot of time every day just managing your finances.

At CIRCLE, we believe in teaching people how to manage their own money and not have to pay large fees to get someone else to do it.

Do Good Budgeting

CIRCLE’s Do Good Budgeting is a simple method of automatically splitting your regular income (pay or pension) into different “buckets” which gives you peace of mind in knowing you will have enough money to pay your bills and even achieve your savings goals.

By using CIRCLE’s Do Good Budgeting system you not only get on top of your finances, your accounts receive Do Good Rewards, an actual value which is part of CIRCLE’s Do Good Community Fund. This means both you and your local community benefit.

The 4 Bucket Budgeting System

Central to our Do Good Budgeting system are the “4 Buckets” of money management.

When you regular income (pay or pension) is received into your CIRCLE account, instead of it just going into a single account we can split the income into several accounts so you don’t need to do anything. We call this our automatic payroll split.

CIRCLE’s 4 BUCKET Budgeting System uses the following 4 accounts:

Whilst we recommend using all 4 accounts to maximise the benefits of budgeting, we realise that everyone has different requirements and our system is flexible and you can arrange your accounts in a way that suits you.

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