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Investment Property Home Loans

Grow your portfolio with interest only investment home loans

Investment home loans from CIRCLE Alliance Bank

Ready to expand your investment property portfolio? Get an investment property loan with CIRCLE Alliance Bank and start enjoying all the benefits of ethical banking.

We have great rate investment loans and we want to help you realise your property investing dreams.

Types of home loans

How to get started

The big banks can be intimidating to deal with and may not always act in your best interests. CIRCLE Alliance Bank is customer owned, putting your interests at the centre of everything we do. CIRCLE has made the home loan process easy. When you bank with us, you’ll have a single point of contact to process your loan, from start to finish.

Why choose CIRCLE for investment property loans?

Unlike the big banks, we are all about community. When you succeed, we succeed. We will work with you to find investment property solutions that fit in with your financial goals.

Home loans and Do-Good Banking

We make contributions to the Do Good Community Fund with every Do Good banking product we approve. This means that when you apply for an investment property loan with us, you are making a positive impact on your community. We will always strive to enact social change in our local communities.

Comparison rates

While an advertised rate might seem like you’re getting a good deal, in truth, you should compare the comparison rate to make sure you receive the best deal. A comparison rate compares the true cost of home loans as it includes the lender’s fees and charges.

When comparing loans, ensure that you consider all fees and charges that come both at the start and throughout the life of the loan. If you have any questions about comparison rates, get in touch with the team at CIRCLE Alliance Bank.