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Products that save you

How our products make a difference for you and your community

Trust and bank are two words someone will rarely put together. The truth is there is an ethical alternative to the perception of the industry.

We want to do more for your community using our business as a force for good.

Circle is the ethical banking alternative which makes us unique. A huge percentage of profits are redistributed back into social shared outcomes. We have realigned our products to help better fulfil this philosophy.

How do we do it?

  1. We provide Do Good Banking Products
  2. For every Do Good Product we provide, a contribution is made into the Do Good Community Fund
  3. This fund is then distributed to charity partners to fight for social change

Every bit of banking you do makes a difference where you live. We don’t just give a small percentage of profits to look good.  We do this to genuinely do good where you live.

CIRCLE Alliance Bank excels as the industry standard in ethical banking

We have been saving money for our members for over 55 years. We are a social enterprise bank with all the technology of a modern bank.

Does your bank have your back?

We don’t generate profits for a limited group of shareholders. We use our profits for purpose giving back more than half to charity partners or community initiatives. Our Do Good Banking Products all generate contributions to our Community Fund to tackle social challenges where we live.

What are these Do Good Banking Products?

 do good icons

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