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EFT Disputes

What to do if you find a transaction you don’t recognise


If you don’t recognise a transaction or it is incorrect in any way let us know immediately by calling 1300 553 582. It is important we know about this as soon as possible so we can begin the chargeback dispute resolution process.


A chargeback is a right that we exercise on behalf of a member holding a debit or credit card (the cardholder). It is a right to charge back responsibility for a credit (or debit) card transaction from the cardholder’s financial institution to the merchant’s financial institution. 


If you dispute a credit or debit card transaction we will promptly claim a chargeback right on your behalf where one exists. However, for us to be able to do this you must dispute the transaction as soon as possible as our right to seek a chargeback only lasts for a limited period of time.


Liability for losses resulting from unauthorized transactions is determined under the relevant provisions of the ePayments Code where the Code applies.


Download ATM Dispute form

Download EFT Dispute form

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