Our Deer Park Orica telephone extensions are no longer available. Please call 1300 553 582 if you need assistance.

Circle Alliance Bank

Every day there are scammers coming up with new ways to try and trick you into handing over your money. Many emails and phone calls look authentic which is why so many people fall into the scammers trap.

CIRCLE will never send you an email asking you to log on to internet banking by clicking on a link in the email. Always access internet banking through your web browser using the CIRCLE website

It is that time of the year when we call for nominations from members who are interested in being a director of Circle Mutual Limited. To be nominated you must fill out the nomination form and also be a current member of Circle.

We are always keen to talk to members interested in joining the Board and who can add value to our business through skills such as finance, marketing and community

As the COVID-19 (coronavirus) situation continues to evolve, I thought it timely to reassure all CIRCLE Alliance Bank’s members by informing you of the steps we are taking to ensure the health and wellbeing of our members and employees. 

We are committed to ensuring that we take every precaution to keep our members and employees safe during these challenging times.

Maintaining member

We are doing everything possible to keep our staff and members safe and well in our environment. We have implemented additional hygiene measures and will continue to monitor the situation and revise our plans as necessary should the need arise. Members can still bank with us in branch and remotely should they wish.

For further information, please call our team on 1300 553 582 to find out more.

Recognising and celebrating good in our communities

2019 nominations now open! You could win $1,000

The Do Good Awards aim to acknowledge community members, Alliance Bank Partner Members and staff that have made an outstanding contribution and have positively impacted the lives of others and their community.

The Awards provide the opportunity to share the stories and celebrate the wonderful

Our funding support will allow the club to meet demand and re-launch a women's team for the club.

We look forward to seeing the women's team grow and become a pivotal part of the club who are ingrained in the local community.  Our Do Good Community is proud to support a club with such an inclusive and welcoming environment.

The development of this women's team further demonstrates the

We are currently experiencing an issue with phone lines in Deer Park and we are unable to answer your calls.

Please call our Brisbane branch for urgent assistance on 07 3867 9360.

Phonelink (1300 553 571) and Netlink are still available for balances and payments.

For general enquiries please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We are currently working to bring the phones back online. We

CIRCLE Deer Park is upgrading our phone system. If you are using our current 1300 numbers, nothing will change for you. If you are still using our old Orica lines, you will need to make note of our new numbers.

As of Wednesday 4th September 2019, the remaining two Orica phone lines for Deer Park Member Services will no longer be valid.

The lines affected are:

03 9217 6929 03 9217 6930


The following changes will be made to our interest rates effective 1 August 2019.

Home Loans  Principle and interest home and investment loans ↓ 0.20% Interest only home and investment loans ↓ 0.15% Savings Account  High interest savings accounts
(Christmas Club, Pensioner/Seniors, Youth, Notice of Withdrawal) ↓ 0.10%

Click here to view all interest

Complete our survey and you could win a $50 Coles Myer voucher.

We would like to hear how you feel about CIRCLE and the areas we need to focus on to grow.

It should only take you about a couple of minutes to complete this completely anonymous survey.

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts!

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Circle is now accepting nominations of candidates for the election of Director. If you wish to nominate you can download and fill out the form below to apply.

Explanatory notes for the nomination of a candidate for the 2019 election of Directors.

There are three (3) positions to be filled at this election. The term of office for these positions is three (3) years. The Directors retiring by

Circle is announcing that from the 1st July 2019 the following changes will be made to our interest rates.

Home Loans  Principle & Interest  ↓ 0.20% Interest Only ↓ 0.15% Savings Account  All accounts receiving interest ↓ 0.20%

If you know of any family, friends or work colleagues who would benefit from our products and services please pass on our

Well done to the Deer Park staff for a successful night and fundraiser.

Thank you to all of our generous supporters who helped us raise over $4,500. Your donations and kind words of support meant the world to us.

About the night

343 teams comprising 1938 participants attended the 2019 Sleep at the ‘G event. Together we raised just over the target of $1,200,000 to help Melbourne City Mission

Did you know:*

40% of Victorians suffering homelessness are under 25 years of age There are over 6,000 youth who are homeless in Melbourne today There aren’t even 150 refuge beds available for homeless youth Melbourne City Mission (MCM) assists the homeless as young as 12 years old Domestic/family violence was a factor in over half of cases presented to MCM 43% of youth assisted by MCM

CIRCLE Alliance Bank Visa debit and credit cards can now be added to digital pay solutions Apple Pay, Google PayTM and Samsung Pay. See below to find out how to add cards and transact depending on the device you're using.

Find out more here.