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10 Signs You Are Good With Your Money

1. You have a steady flow of income, and you know how much you earn. Living within your means is a critical party of staying in the black and growing your wealth. 2. You know how much you spend Once you know how much you earn and how much you spend, simple mathematics will reveal what you can afford 3. You can pay your bills each month You can afford housing and utilities and other important needs every month without going into debt 4. You can buy things you want. Not having to worry about whether you can afford lunch with coworkers or that leather bag you’ve been eyeing is a luxury 5. You’re saving money. You can cover your necessities, afford things you want but don’t need, and stash away funds 6. You’ve given some thought to retirement. Even if you haven’t started putting money away, having considered what you want your retirement to be like and what it would cost, is a great start. 7. You’re planning for a major purpose You’ve priced and started thinking about a major purchase in the future. 8. You aren’t carrying credit card debt Bad debts, such as credit card debt and high interest rates don’t help you build wealth. 9. You’ve spoken to your significant other about money If you and your partner have regular conversations about your financial reality and future you’re well ahead. 10. You invest. Investing your money – including superannuation – has the potential for growth far beyond what you’d see in a traditional savings account. If you are interested in an Investment Account with CIRCLE Alliance Bank or you would just like some advice, please contact us here.

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