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News & Updates

Changes to Netlink are coming

You may be aware that CIRCLE will be upgrading internet banking (Netlink) soon. Please find below answers to a few FAQs that you might have.

Why is Netlink changing?

This is an upgrade which is part of our integration into the Bendigo Alliance and will allow more functionality for our members.

When is it changing?

This is scheduled to occur on the night of 20 January 2017. Please check our Latest News on and look out for emails for further updates.

What is changing?

The major changes that will impact members are:

  • SMS One time passwords will replace the current Factor2 icons when processing transactions.
  • Online statements will be included in Netlink, so you won’t need a second sign on.
  • Joint account holders will need their own sign on.
  • Business login details will change.

Some other examples of changes are, the ability to customise your Netlink views, update your contact details and operate two to sign accounts online. All of the changes will be explained in later updates.

Do I need to do anything for this upgrade?

Members need to make sure that they have provided their updated mobile phone number and preferred email address to CIRCLE. Without these the functionality may be impaired. Contact CIRCLE on 1300 553 582 to ensure your details are correct. Joint account holders and business members will need new log in details. While we will attempt to call those affected, it is advised that you contact us to obtain your new details before the upgrade.

What are One Time Passwords?

SMS One Time Passwords will replace Factor2 icons. When making a payment, you will need to have your phone with you. We will send a 6 digit code by SMS, which you will need to enter to proceed to transaction processing. This will also be required when updating your contact details online.