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News & Updates

Fast Payments are here….

PayID and Osko are here!

PayID and Osko are two exciting innovations that will change the way you bank. With PayID you can use a mobile number or email address to pay someone – or be paid by someone. No need to remember your BSB or account number. Better still, Osko will process the payment in real time.

Fast. Simple. Secure.

Easy To Remember

We understand remembering your bank account details isn’t always easy. PayID has been developed by Australian banks, to make sending and receiving payments quicker and easier. It’s basically a nickname for your BSB and account number. You may choose to use your mobile number, email address, business name or ABN.  In addition to being fast and secure, PayID allows for a detailed description of 280 characters. And that’s not all, PayID provides enhanced certainty, with confirmation of the recipients name before you confirm the payment.

Faster Payments

PayID is designed to work seamlessly with the new Osko by BPAY service. Starting today, Osko will enable you to make and receive payments in real-time 24/7 via your CIRCLE Alliance Bank App or Internet Banking. Creating your PayID is easy. Simply link your unique identifier – mobile number, email address, business name or ABN – to your CIRCLE Alliance Bank account. Then, when someone needs to pay you simply give them your PayID to use with their internet banking. That’s it! Of course, this also works the other way around. If you need to pay someone, ask them for their PayID, log in to internet banking or the app and make a payment using their PayID. You will see a change in the ‘Transfer Money’ screen. It will look different, but it’s easy to use. Just select the account to transfer ‘from’ and then ‘to’ in the dropdown boxes, or select to pay an email, mobile number, business name or ABN, to use a PayID. The payment details fields will then appear for you to complete. If you want to pay a new payee, just click on ‘New Personal Payee’ and then select how you want to pay them. If you see the option of ‘Osko’ or ‘Standard Payment’, select Osko to make sure you send in real time.*

Let’s Get You Set Up

Activate PayID using CIRCLE Alliance Bank internet banking.

  • Log in to internet banking
  • Select the ‘My Preferences’ tab, then the ‘Manage PayID’ option
  • Select the contact detail you want to use (mobile number, email address, ABN) – make sure the ‘Status’ shows as ‘Available’
  • Select the account to link to the PayID - your PayID name will be automatically populated with the account name (this cannot be changed)
  • Click ‘Get SMS’ and enter the validation code
  • Make sure you read the Terms & Conditions and tick the box
  • Click ‘Create’ to complete.

Activate PayID using the CIRCLE Alliance Bank App  

  • If your app hasn’t automatically updated, go to the AppStoreor Google Play Store to download the latest version of the CIRCLE Alliance Bank App.
  • Open the App and log in
  • Select ‘Transfer’ from the home page, or ‘Payments’ from the accounts page
  • Click on the new PayID icon in the bottom right.
  • Click the + icon to set up a new PayID
  • Select the contact detail to link and the account to link to and press OK
  • Read and accept the Terms & Conditions
  • Get verification code and enter, then click OK to complete.

For more information and to view the FAQs please click here. We’re here to make registering for PayID easy, so if you need a hand please call us on 1300 553 582. payid osko   

* There may be some accounts that cannot accept Osko payments. This is determined by the recipient bank. If your Osko payment is returned, try again using “Standard Payment”.

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