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News & Updates

Thanks for Sleeping at the ‘G

Well done to the Deer Park staff for a successful night and fundraiser.

Thank you to all of our generous supporters who helped us raise over $4,500. Your donations and kind words of support meant the world to us.

About the night

sleep at the g 2019343 teams comprising 1938 participants attended the 2019 Sleep at the ‘G event. Together we raised just over the target of $1,200,000 to help Melbourne City Mission ‘put youth homelessness to bed.’

It was a little cold (7°C) that night, the ground was a little hard, the corn chowder with a bread roll for dinner was warm, but small, and breakfast was a muffin.

On arrival there was some entertainment and games, fitness and relaxation all topped off with a bit of dancing. There was also some serious talk about youth homelessness and panel discussions.

Lights out at 11pm and back on again at 5am! No showers, so people just had to put up with the unwashed for the day.

This was a very small taste of what it might be like to not have a home to go to. Everyone thought it was a great experience and would be happy to do it again.

Here’s some of what the ladies had to say…

“The sleeping was a little rough, but it was only one night in a covered, locked and secure environment. To have to do this every night out in the open, without any protection, when you are as young as 12 years old, is unimaginable. I’m happy to have had this experience with my Circle Sisters and look forward to doing it again next year.”  Rebecca

“It was an awesome way to raise money for youth homelessness and spend a fun but cold evening with some of my Circle Sisters.” Amanda

“I thoroughly enjoyed sleeping at the MCG. What could be better than having a girl’s night out while helping a charity? Everything was organised for us. Soup and a bread roll, music for dancing, games to play and a cardboard box for us to sleep on! The night was just good fun with friends. I would definitely do this again.” Elizabeth

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