Your Phone is now your wallet

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Your Phone is now your wallet

Imagine never having to fiddle through your purse or wallet again to pay for anything at the checkout. A new, convenient way to make payments is coming to CIRCLE. Soon our customers will have the ability to replace their wallets with a secure digital version. Here are 4 reasons why you should consider launching your digital wallet

1. You already have the technology

If you own either an iPhone, Google phone or a Samsung device, you already have what you need to start. No need to get any upgrades. All you need to do is follow a few easy steps to get your cards set up in your phone.

2. It's secure

After your cards are set up, your device will default to either facial recognition or a fingerprint scan to identify you as authorised to make the transaction. If your phone's stolen, you can freeze accounts without cancelling your cards. As for your card numbers, your phone never stores any card numbers nor does it record what your buying and from whom. The transaction is between you, the bank and the merchant. All card numbers are encrypted and scrambled.

3. You might not need your wallet anymore

Not only can you add your credit and debit cards, but you can also add your flybys and everyday rewards cards. With a couple of swipes, you can scan your rewards and then pay in an instant.

4. It's faster

The typical way of paying can be painful and elongated. Getting your wallet or purse out, finding the right card, entering your pin or signing, getting it verified by the clerk and then placing it all back again can be a process. The action of opening your phone and paying straight away at the flick of a finger can streamline any shopping experience.

You can start using digital wallets in early March with your Circle card.

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