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From the 1st March 2018 the following fees will change:

FeeOld FeeNew Fee Member cheque stop payment fee $7.00 $10.00 Dormancy Fee per annum $20.00 $30.00 Staff assisted external transfer fee $1.50 $2.50 Direct debit dishonour fee $7.00 $15.00 Member cheque dishonour fee $7.00 $15.00 Quickdebit dishonour fee $32.00 $40.00 Loan arrears letter $15.00 $20.00 Default notice $40.00 $50.00       Annual overdraft

3 ways to manage financial stress

Financial hardship can often arise without warning, catching us unprepared or under-resourced to find a way forward. The good news is, there are some logical steps you can take to controlling your finance concerns.

Continue to make repayments—the smart way When money is the cause of your stress, start by auditing yourself. Tally up all your debts so you have an itemised list of what is owed. From here, you can determine which are the largest or most pressing; that is, those attracting the most

New Year, new budget, new you

Here we are: the time of year we make promises to ourselves we don’t keep. Well not this year! Not financially, anyway. We give you five steps for creating a budget that is as realistic at it is effective.

1. Establish your income

 Begin by working out what your yearly gross income is. This will involve an assessment of last year’s bank statements together with a consideration of changes for this year such as a pay rise, change in job and money earned via an ABN.

2. Determine your

Setting yourself up for a financially positive 2018

 New year, new financially responsible you? Great news! Here are five realistic strategies for managing your money if wiser cash flow is one of your resolutions.

Shop less, but focus on quality You’ve had your blender for a year and it served you quite well, but it’s burnt out now. It’s an affordable model, though–do you repurchase? Seems a bit illogical. What would be best is to do some research, sift through some online reviews (Amazon is great, but for an Australia-specific source try

The Post Christmas Hangover and How to Deal With It

Ho ho ho-o-ld on—Christmas hasn’t even begun yet. But when those leftovers are lingering, the parties are fewer and the merry stuff is winding down, will you have a Christmas credit hangover to contend with? Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Because with a little forward planning, you can ensure you’re spending more of the money you actually have this season, and don’t wind up in the red when the calendar switches to January.

Make a list and a budget for everything Yep—the good, old-fashioned

The latest scams in the lead up to Christmas

 Because of the immense pressure on a person’s finances during the festive months, the year’s end is an opportune time for unlawful scamming activity. Here are three of the latest scams you should be aware of.

1. Heartbreakingly cute pet scams The essence of this is luring customers into “buying” pets that don't exist using cute photos and back-stories. Classic heartstring tugging. According to the Queensland Police, “criminals use free websites, trading or selling sites, local newspapers

5 simple ways to make Christmas special for kids

 ’Tis the season to be greedy! Or at least that’s how so many kids are inadvertently taught to think. To shift the season slightly from simply getting to experiencing, here are five tips from us to you this Christmas:

1. Attend a special event or two Perhaps a holiday-themed concert or parade, and definitely your local Christmas carols event. There are fewer things more special for little ones than singing in a large lively group surrounded by festive decorations and flickering

How to avoid overspending this Christmas

There’s no denying that the end-of-year festivities can pose a discernible strain on your finances. In fact, figures complied by Roy Morgan and the Australian Retailers Association earlier in the month have unveiled that 2017 festive spending will rise by 2.8 per cent compared with the same trading period last year. Shoppers are slated to hand over a not-so-humble $50 million to the retail economy. Approximately 50% of this number will be via credit. Yikes. With all this in mind, how can you

Are you having trouble getting through to Phonelink?   While we have had our Phonelink 1300 number operational for many years, it has come to our attention that some people have still been calling the old local numbers.   We have made changes to Phonelink and it will now only connect if you call 1300 553 571.   Please delete any record you have of old numbers and store our 1300 number instead.   We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.

CIRCLE Alliance Bank’s nomination for the Alliance Bank Do Good Community Award (Sean & Genine) have reached the final six from a competitive field of 22. Read below their amazing work they do supporting the Homeless in the Melbourne region through their charity Anonymous X. Sean Thornton is an exceptional Member.

In 2013 he felt so strongly about helping homeless people in Melbourne that he gave up his full time job to create a charity which provides substantial support to the homeless

The Alliance Bank® Do Good Award acknowledges the wonderful work our members and the community do everyday to make a real difference to people's lives and the wider community. ... and the nominees for the Do Good Community Award are:

Muhammad Fahim Mark Scarborough Joshua Hancock Rani Wallace Heidi Procter Anthony Longbottom Delia Quigley Ethel Lee Tendayi Ganga Mercy Omega Jacqui Bennett Genine and Sean Thornton Mark Butterfield Jade Barr Jenny Gaddsen, Charlotte

CIRCLE’s home loan advisory service is a great way to get FREE advice on home and investment loans. Whether you have an existing home loan with another lender, looking to purchase your first home or wanting to purchase an investment property, call CIRCLE’s Loans Manager, Craig Fraser on (03) 9363 2530 for FREE no obligation advice. This offer is not only open to CIRCLE members but also any family, friends or associates who want simple uncomplicated home loan advice.

Scamwatch is run by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC). It provides information to consumers and small businesses about how to recognise, avoid and report scams. The purpose of Scamwatch is to help you recognise a scam and avoid it where possible. Self defence is the best defence. Keep yourself up to date with the latest information from Scamwatch by visiting their website -

Circle’s banking system became available at 8:00pm last night after being offline for most of the day. All services including internet, telephone and mobile banking are now available to members.   We apologise for the inconvenience this has caused and we are working with our technology supplier to ensure this does not happen again.

Members can now transfer to internal and external accounts, pay bills with BPAY and check their account balances directly from their smart phone, anytime, anywhere. To download search for CIRCLE Alliance Bank in your App store or Play store depending on your device. Initial registration details for the App are the same as your Internet Banking details. Enjoy the convenience of banking on your phone. Got more questions? Read our App FAQ page here.

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