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The internet has increasingly become part of our daily life. It provides a way for us to socialise, shop, transact and do business, which means we are sharing more and more personal and financial information online. In doing so we potentially expose ourselves to number of online risks which we need to be aware of and properly manage.

That is why it is important that we better understand how to stay safe and secure on the internet. Under the Australian Government's Cyber Security Program a

With scam emails becoming more prevalent and increasingly believable it is no surprise that more people are falling victim to cunning scammers. A common goal for many scammers is relieving you of your money and research shows those who have fallen for a scam in the past are likely to be targeted again. Often a first warning sign can be the random nature in which you are approached. Email scams will often come from a person or company you don’t know offering you quick rewards or

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