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Online Safety

SmartPhone Safety

It is very important to make sure you protect your information on your smartphone to prevent fraud. The following tips will help safeguard your smartphone from fraud:

  • Never store passwords or PINs on your smartphone - Despite how cleverly you may think you’ve concealed them, criminals know what to look for and where.
  • Turn off tethering, Wi-Fi™ and Bluetooth when not in use - These are the access points to your smartphone. If you don’t need to connect, keep them switched off and close the door to criminals.
  • Only use wireless hot spots that are reputable and password protected - Criminals can hijack unsecured networks and trick you into divulging your personal details.
  • Activate smartphone security settings and password protection - All smartphones have built-in security features such as auto locking and password protection. Make sure they are switched on to protect your smartphone and personal details.
  • Don’t ‘jailbreak’ your smartphone as this makes it vulnerable to malware - Jailbreaking is removing the limitations imposed by the manufacturer so that you can freely download any application to your phone. By jailbreaking your phone, you’ll not only make your warranty invalid, you could also make it easier for cyber-criminals to install malware and compromise your smartphone.
  • If your smartphone is lost or stolen, remote data delete programs may be available - Talk to the manufacturer to find out if this is available for your smartphone.
  • Limit the amount of personal information on your phone - Any kind of personal information can be used to steal your identity and commit other kinds of fraud. By being careful about what you have stored on your smartphone you can reduce the risk if it gets compromised. 
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