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PayID and Osko – FAQ

What is a PayID?

Can't remember your BSB and account number? A PayID is something easy to remember (eg mobile phone number, email address) that you register with us and link to your account of choice. When someone needs to pay you, you simply give them your PayID instead of your BSB and account number.  If you've ever been worried about sending money to the wrong account, PayID can help. Use a PayID with a service like Osko and the name of the person who owns that PayID is shown before you approve the payment. All you have to do is confirm it's the right person.

What is Osko?

Need to split the bill for a group dinner? Mate lost their wallet? Need to pay a plumber for a burst pipe? Say hello to faster payments with Osko by BPAY® and you can use it with your PayID. Osko is now available on Internet banking and the CIRCLE Banking App to make payments between different financial institutions. These payments will go through in under a minute, 24/7 (for 99% of payments). You can also include a message with up to 280 characters to describe the payment. 

What PayID types can be used?

Your PayID can be any of the following details

  • mobile phone number
  • email address
  • company name
  • ABN

Will PayID replace BSBs and account numbers?

No. PayID will not replace BSBs or account numbers, but you can use your PayID as an easy to remember substitute.

Is PayID secure?

Yes, PayID is secure. When you create a PayID, all information is stored in a secure, encrypted data repository.

What happens if I lock my PayID?

Locking a PayID temporarily stops the PayID from being able to receive payments. You will still be able to receive payments to your BSB and account number.

Can I transfer my PayID to a CIRCLE Alliance Bank account from another financial institution?

Yes. To move your PayID to CIRCLE Alliance Bank from another financial institution you will need to de-register your Pay ID (or set to transfer) with the other institution and then register your Pay ID with us. You can have different Pay IDs with different institutions.

I’ve entered a PayID to make a payment but I’m getting an error message - why?

CIRCLE’s systems check a national database that all banking and finance providers use. Generally, if you are getting an error message, this means the piece of information you’re entering (mobile number or email for instance) has not been registered as a PayID (ie. it is not linked to a particular account) or is incorrect and therefore, you’ll be unable to use this to make a payment.

Why might an account not be visible when creating a PayID in e-banking?

Only eligible PayID accounts that you have authority to operate, will appear when creating a PayID in Internet Banking. If you think something is wrong, please contact Circle.

What if I don’t like my PayID Name?

The PayID name represents the account name and is not able to be changed.

Can a PayID be created on a term deposit account?

No, term deposits are not eligible for PayIDs.

Can a PayID be created on a loan account?

No, loans are not eligible for PayIDs.

What happens if I lose my mobile phone and that number was also my PayID?

Remember, a PayID is a simpler way to receive payments. The PayID remains unchanged, unless you have to change your mobile phone number. If you do get a new mobile phone number, you will need to close that PayID and create a new PayID with the new mobile phone number.

What happens if the PayID I want to use is already registered by someone else?

Please contact Circle.

What should I do if I don’t receive the six digit verification code when creating a PayID?

Ensure that the phone number or email address is correct and that you have access to that mobile phone or email address to retrieve the code. If you still don’t receive the code please contact Circle.

Do I need a PayID to make a fast payment?

No. PayID is something you can use if you want to simplify the payments process by not having to remember BSBs and Account Numbers. If both financial institutions are registered for PayID and Osko the payment will still go through quickly, even if you use BSB and account number. You may have noticed this has been working for a while.

Is it safe to share my PayID?

Yes, it is safe to share your PayID. A PayID also means you don’t have to share your BSB and account number anymore, so you can keep those details private.

When using a PayID, how do I know I’m paying the right person?

When paying using a PayID, you will see the PayID Name which represents the title of the account you are paying. You should ensure that the PayID name accurately represents your intended payee before continuing with the payment. Any queries about the PayID name you are paying should be directed to the payee.

Can one PayID be linked to more than one account?

No. An individual PayID can only link to one account at a time. However, different types of PayIDs can be linked to one financial account, for example, a mobile phone, an email address and an ABN number.

Can I have multiple PayIDs?

Yes. You can have multiple PayIDs, but each individual PayID can only be linked to one account.

Can a PayID be used to withdraw money from an account?

No, a PayID can only be used for receiving payments, not withdraw from your account.

Can a PayID be used to make or receive overseas payments?

No, a PayID can only be used for Australian payments.

Who can make fast payments?

Anyone who is registered for Internet Banking and can make transfers.

Who can receive fast payments?

Anyone with an account with a financial institution that has signed up for the New Payments Platform. To check if your bank is part of the NPPA go to or contact them directly.

How safe and secure is this?

All financial institutions offering fast payments must meet strict requirements. This includes the capability to detect and respond to fraudulent activity in real-time. Osko uses world leading technology, certified to the highest data security standards and monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All payments made are also subject to our own real-time fraud screening and detection systems.
As always, consumers should remain alert to the possibility of cons and scams particularly if they receive unexpected requests via social media, emails or SMS for urgent payments or account information.

Can you give me an example of when I might need to use a fast payment?

Laura and Tim go out for dinner. The restaurant doesn’t split bills and Tim doesn’t have enough cash to pay for his share. Laura pays for the whole bill and Tim transfers his share of the bill to Laura using her BSB and Account Number or a PayID if she has one registered - she receives his share of the bill in under a minute, despite the fact they bank with different financial institutions.

Do I have a different payment limit for fast payments?

No, your usual daily limit will apply.

Where am I able to see transaction references over 280 characters?

Long references made with fast payments will be visible in Internet Banking, but may be truncated on statements.

Is Osko by BPAY different from BPAY? Will it replace BPAY?

Osko by BPAY is separate to BPAY and will not replace this service. This service has been set up to work with PayIDs.

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